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Curbside Recycling

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2018 Holiday Schedule

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 Collection Week Calendars are now available.


The curbside recycling program is a regional program and includes James City County, the Cities of Poquoson and Williamsburg, and York County. The contractor for this service beginning June 30, 2014 is County Waste (County Recycling)

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What can I recycle?  See the list below, view our Curbside Recycling Brochure, or watch an informative video highlighting the recent changes.  You can also watch this recent video which provides general info on the program:


When is my pick up day?  Curbside recycling is picked up every 2 weeks; weeks are designated either RED or BLUE

If you are a resident of:

James City County Click HERE for a list of neighborhoods.  If you're unable to find to find your day, please call us at 757-259-9850.
Poquoson Click HERE and go to Question #3
Williamsburg Click HERE and enter your home address
York County Click HERE and scroll down to access the property
information system

If you are unable to find your service day or week using the above information,  please call us at 757-259-9850 and we will gladly look it up for you. Once you know your week (Red or Blue) and day of the week, go to Collection Week Calendar to view or print.

What if my cart is too small/large?  Recycling carts are available in 3 sizes- 35 gallon, 65 gallon, and 95 gallon. You can tell which size you have by looking at the serial number on the front of the cart.  It will start with 35R, 65R, or 95R, which tells you which size you have.  You may request a change if your current cart is not working well for you; call for dimensions or more information. York County residents please call 890-3780.

I  just moved in and have tons of cardboard!  Bulk cardboard collections are available and run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but must be scheduled in advance.  Please call a day or two ahead to schedule a pick up, or if you'd like more information.


Cardboard and Mixed Paper:  Flattened boxes no larger than 3' x 4', magazines, junk mail, catalogs, telephone books, office paper, cards, stationary, paper grocery bags, school papers, computer paper, shredded paper in paper bags, single layer cardboard such as cereal and tissue boxes, newspapers and advertising inserts.

Plastics:  Bottles, Jugs and Food Containers: Water and drink bottles, shampoo,. soap, and detergent bottles; wide mouth containers such as butter tubs, yogurt cups, mayonnaise jars; clamshell containers such as salad bar containers, bakery product containers, strawberry containers; microwave food trays, party cups, plastic sandwich meat containers.  Please remove lids and rinse out food residue.

Rigid Plastics:  Plastic food storage containers, plastic trays and dishes, stadium cups, laundry baskets, dish drainers, home storage bins, flower pots, buckets, pails, garbage cans, plastic toys and plastic lawn furniture (no item larger than 3' x 4')

Metal Cans:  Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans. We cannot accept plastic lined cans (which usually are white inside). Please rinse out food residue.

Glass Bottles and Jars:  All types and color of glass bottles and jars.  Remove lids and rinse out food residue.

Please place all materials together in the cart- they do not have to be separated- and please do not place any items in plastic bags. As usual, please have your cart out by 7AM on your collection day.

For additional information see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

   Holiday Schedule for 2017

There will be only 3 holidays which will effect collection (see schedule below). Instead of having a separate makeup day, holiday collection will be moved one day forward. For the rest of the week, collection will move one day forward until pick up for the week has been completed.

Please remember to have your materials out by 7AM!

Questions?  Please call us at 757-259-9850.

Holiday Week Pickup Schedule
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, Nov 22
Red One day delay beginning with Thursday- Thursday's recycling will be picked up Friday, and Friday's will be picked up on Saturday
Christmas Day
Tuesday, Dec 25
Blue One day delay beginning with Tuesday- Tuesday's recycling will be picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday's on Thursday, etc
New Year's Day
Tuesday, Jan 1
Red One day delay beginning with Tuesday- Tuesday's recycling will be picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday's on Thursday, etc

If you have questions, or need to report a problem with service: contact us at 757-259-9850, use the Contact Us link below, or contact your local recycling office:

James City County 757-259-9850
Poquoson 757-868-3598
Williamsburg 757-220-6140

York County




In cases of inclement weather such as snowstorms and hurricanes, safety is always our main concern.  We rely on our contractor, County Waste, to determine the best way to proceed, and will post an update at the top of this page and/or the homepage of this website, and our facebook page. You may also call our office at 757-259-9850 for updates.

  1. If for some reason you have to hold your materials until your next regular service day, you may put out extra materials-- materials may be placed in a cardboard box or paper bag and place a foot or two away from your cart.  Flattened cardboard boxes may be placed on top of the cart, but under the lid, like a clipboard.

  2. If you prefer, you may also bring materials to your local convenience center for recycling.  However, please remember that there will be 3 separate containers- one for mixed paper, one for corrugated cardboard and one for your glass, plastic, and cans. Here is a link for information on location and hours of operation:


Curbside Collection Calendars:

If you know your day and week (Red or Blue), then choose the appropriate calendar from the list below.  If you don't know, please call us at 757-259-9850 and we can look it up for you. In the meantime you can print this Generic Collection Calendar, and circle your day and week after you call us.

Red Weeks Blue Weeks
Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Thursday
Friday Friday




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