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Questions?  Call the site or 804-758-1900



VFW Road
Convenience Center

1091 VFW Rd, Rte 636
West Point
Open 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Closed Tuesday
& Thursday

Convenience Center

984 Epworth Rd, Rte 610
Open 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Closed Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
King William
Transfer Station
57 Recycle Rd, Rte 30
Central Garage
Open 9AM - 7PM
Closed Tuesday
King William Landfill
24562 King William Hwy,
Rte 30

King William
Open 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Closed Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday
Batteries yes no yes no
Brush yes yes yes yes
Cooking Oil yes no yes no
Oil and Antifreeze yes no yes yes
Rechargeable Batteries &
Cell Phones
yes yes yes yes
Scrap Metal & White Goods yes yes yes yes
Solid Waste yes yes yes yes
Tires no no yes yes
Cardboard yes yes yes yes
Metal, Glass & Plastic yes yes yes yes
Mixed Paper yes yes yes yes

BATTERIES: Old automobile batteries (lead-acid) may be placed on wooden pallets at the site.  Rechargeable household batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium Ion) are also accepted, and can be dropped off with the site attendant.

BRUSH: Brush may be placed in the trash compactors, but cannot be more than four feet long.

COOKING OIL: Cooking oil is accepted from residents only, in quantities of 5 gallons or less.  Do not mix the oil with anything else.  Leave used cooking oil with the site attendant.

OIL & ANTIFREEZE:  Antifreeze and used motor oil are accepted from residents only, in quantities of 5 gallons or less.  Do not mix these liquids with anything else.  Leave used oils and antifreeze with the site attendant.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES AND CELL PHONES: Rechargeable household batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium Ion) and cell phones can be dropped off with the site attendant.

SCRAP METAL & WHITE GOODS:  Place in the scrap metal container as directed by the attendant. Refrigerators and freezers must have doors removed before being placed in the container.

TIRES: Limit of 12 tires per year, per resident, please remove rim


Acceptable Waste:
Disposal of household trash is available at no charge to drivers of privately owned non-commercial vehicles.  Large quantities (vehicles larger than a pick-up truck) may be routed directly to a landfill.  Commercial waste collectors are prohibited from using the above sites.

Unacceptable Waste:

*Hazardous waste *Liquids *Any material greater than 4 feet in length
*Asbestos *Industrial process waste *Tires from commercial establishments
*Sawdust *Large tree trunks and stumps *Large animal carcasses
  *Loads of soil, brick or stone  


►CARDBOARD:  Please place all cardboard in the Cardboard Container.


METAL, GLASS & PLASTIC:  Please place items all together in the Co-Mix Container.

   Metal  Glass Plastic
Metal cans
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil products

(be sure to rinse and remove all residue)
Glass jars & bottles
Clear, brown or green glass is accepted.  Rinse and remove lids.  Metal lids can be recycled.
Plastic bottles, jugs and food containers to include shampoo and detergent bottles, yogurt cups and butter tubs, microwave food trays etc.  Rinse and remove all residue.    

Notes on Plastic: Do not recycle motor oil bottles, other automotive fluid bottles, or pesticide bottles. These types of fluids bond with the plastic that it is no longer recyclable.

MIXED PAPER: Please place these items in the Mixed Paper Container:

   Mixed Paper

Newspapers and inserts                             Magazines
Phonebooks                                                 Books
Junk Mail                                                       Cereal boxes
Paper grocery bags                                     NO CARDBOARD


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